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I provide a free meet and greet so we can discuss what your are looking for, get to know one another and start to plan for your supported birth and sacred postpartum period.

Pregnant Woman in Nature


I am here to honor you within your birthing space and offer you unconditional support mentally, physically and emotionally.  I will provide you with evidence-based information to promote a deep connection within your strong, fierce and powerful birthing being and encourage you to feel grounded to your

intuition while holding your space. 

We will spend quite some time together before your birth; exploring your birth wishes and preparing for this transforming time in your life. Nothing is off limits to discuss as we delve into your journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I will be on call for you from 37 weeks and will be by your side before, during and after birth. 

Time is spent making sure there is a nourishing and sacred postpartum space awaiting for you to thrive in whilst bonding with your babe. 


As your postpartum doula I am here to care for you, Mumma, while you bond & care for your babe. I want to make your postpartum space as sacred, supported and nourishing as I possibly can. I will be there to help with self- care, guidance, support and provide you with a safe space to debrief your birth. Our visits will look different each time, depending on what you need that day. Some days you may need to just curl up with a nice warm meal and tea or have a nice soak in the bath. I provide nourishing snacks, meals and tea & always throw in a treat or two. I am happy to baby wear while you rest, do light housekeeping, make sure you are fed and hydrated, support with breastfeeding, get some fresh air with you, massage you.. whatever it is to make sure you are cared for while you heal, rest and bond. 

We will have pre-natal visits to discuss what you want your postpartum period to look like and how I can be the best postpartum doula specifically built for you. 



A new baby brings so much joy and can also be a very big transition for siblings; whether it be a first baby brother or sister or second or third- siblings go through big changes within their world and come across some big feelings. Being a Nanny for over fifteen years, has allowed me to support and guide many families and children throughout these big changes as their tribe grows. 

I am excited to be offering a child centered  package which is age appropriate in how to prepare children for the adventure ahead. Please get in touch if you would like to know more. 

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